November 26, 2003

Blogging Quiz! What do you do if you're a political blogger who's gotten tired of making prank calls to Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, and who needs something to do until Ann Coulter writes another book you can spend countless hours parsing and dissecting? Well, if you're actor and surfer Scoobie Davis, you apparently drink a few beers, check out your current standing on the BlogStreet Most Important Blogs list, then write insulting e-mails and comments for any blogs that have the bad fortune to finish anywhere near you. Now, that's a fun Tuesday!

For example, who wouldn't be thrilled to find the following missive in their Inbox:
Yo, I came to your blog through Blogstreet's influential sites (I'm ranked #149 BTW)

maybe it's the beer and fatigue, but I don't quite "get" your blog. What is your motivation? just curious
My motivation is, of course, meeting interesting new people. I didn't think much of it until the always-scintillating Angua pointed me to this little comment over at Kesher Talk:
I came to your blog through Blogstreet's influential sites (I'm ranked #149 BTW). I can't believe you're ranked higher than me. Your blog is really lame and also the argument that Hillary attended one funeral is right-wing horseshit — Bill O'Reilly was beating that dead horse about a year and a half ago. Get real.
Of course, compared to those two, Scoobie's little note to Radley Balko, "The Agitator," is practically a love letter: "Your blog: mildly amusing. But I can't believe you're ranked higher than me." (Yes, I left out the ranked #149 part for space reasons.)

All I have to say is, it's a shame that BlogStreet hasn't instituted a Pathetic Loser ranking so a certain somebody could finally have that #1 he's apparently been dreaming of.

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