September 29, 2003

Illuminated Donkey Industries Officially Endorses Koen Vermandere for the Exalted Position of King Donkey of Kuurne!

Folks, when you're in the blogging business you tend to get a lot of strange e-mails, so when one with the subject "For Donkey-Lovers" showed up in my Inbox I was prepared for yet another barnyard-related pr0nspam.

So imagine my surprise when I found instead a request from Belgian Beauhunk Koen Vermandere, asking my help in getting him elected King Donkey of Kuurne! I mean, how could I say no?! And folks, he needs all of your help as well. Koen and Ken need you to go to his personal bio page and click the "Stem" button. Koen has jumped out to an early lead (probably due to his snazzy marketing techniques), but every vote counts!

Now, I hear you asking: um, what the hell are you talking about? Excellent question, and one that I certainly had myself. For the answer to that question, let's hear from Koen himself, in the first letter he's ever written in English!
Hello, how are you? I have a favour to ask you. Would you please vote for me. I entered a competition in a local town. the competition is called the donkey festivities... If I wins this, I will become King Donkey, so I can be the ambassador of that local town for 2 years.

In the beginning the people off Kuurne were poor farmers, they don't be able to buy horses or trucks, so they have donkeys. When they go to the market in the nearest Big City (Kortrijk), the feets off the donkey's waked up the people of Kortrijk (tik,tak,tik,tak). Then these people say: "Oh now, there are the donkey's of Kuurne again. Then we also call ourselves donkeys and we are proud to be donkeys. That's why we have donkey-festivities.

To be King Donkey (contest every 2 years) there are a few tests in the afternoon and the evening, we never know before what exactly, but for this year we have to spare votes on the internet and on mobile phone (Saturday), race with vehicles they give us (go-cart, donkeys, childtricycle or something else, we don't know it), we also play-back a singer and have a little examination off Kuurne. The rest of the tests we don't know.

Every time of this contest the last test is with the two candidates with the highest points, they have to find the medal in the haystack, the one who finds it is the King.
Now if that doesn't sound like a noble cause we can all rally around, I'll just go shit in my hat. Now lets get out there, so to speak, and vote!
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