June 11, 2003

And now it's time for another dispatch from my sister Nancy's new series: Vincent Gallo is crazy. Or is he? While she first thought about excerpting some choice passages from this interview with Resonance Magazine (featuring a rather impressive 25-1 answer-to-question word ratio), she eventually decided...well, okay, just this one:
Resonance: Well, you're still trying to get girls nude, according to your website.

Gallo: I don't know why but it makes me feel loved or special if girls take off their clothes for me. Not that I'm interested in looking, because I don't even look, I'm not sexualized by it, it just makes me feel like I'm special to them if they'll do this thing for me.
And now that that's out of the way, Nancy presents, direct from the Internet Movie Database message boards, a Real-Life Brush with Gallo!
I met Vincent Gallo on the street once. I literally bumped into him coming around a corner. I recognized him immediately and said "Hey! Vincent Gallo!". He said "Yeah" and kept walking. I then yelled out to him "I really liked 'Buffalo '66'!" He said "Thank you" as he kept walking down the street.

Now, I didn't expect the guy to hang out with me but usually artists such as Gallo like to be recognized for their work. I doubt he gets mobbed all the time since he's on the fringe he but hurried past me like he was annoyed. Maybe he was in a hurry. He was with a very hot woman. Maybe they were having problems. Maybe he does have obsessed fans that bother him. Maybe he doesn't like to be recognized. Maybe he's just a frickin' weirdo!

I did feel good about the fact that I got to tell him that I enjoyed his work that was so personal to him. But I was surprised to be brushed off so quickly.
That's a tough break, MrBlondNYC, but that's the chance we all take when we enter the world of Vincent Gallo.

Until next time, this has been another installment of Vincent Gallo is crazy. Or is he?
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