April 15, 2003

One week from now I'll be in Vegas. And how will I be spending that week, other than spending every stupid non-Vegas second of every stupid non-Vegas minute of every stupid non-Vegas hour of every stupid non-Vegas day wishing I was already there? Why, I'll be reading Mike Whybark's Seven Truths and One Lie series. This week Mike will be posting eight fabulous travel vignettes, and it's your job to call bullshit on the fictional one! (Oddly enough, this is the exact opposite truth-to-lie ratio that Mike employs in daily conversation.)

Oh, and speaking of Vegas, we have our ten entries into the Illuminated Donkey Travel Buddy Contest (though I'm letting one more person send her numbers because either my friend Keith or Frankenstein insulted me, and damn if I can remember which one to kick out). So now it's all over but for the spinning!
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