April 03, 2003

Hm. Well, that fixes Ken's template problem, but the republish killed off all the March posts from the front page. Oh well, he's getting what he paid for. - [from MIKE, not Ken.]

Update - for some reason, the template is only keeping one post upfront, clearly not what is called for.

Update 2 - trying with the default now.

Update 3 - maybe I fixed it. an open SPAN or DIV looks like the problem.

Update 4 - I'd like to thank Ken for the two round trip tickets to the greater Bayonne municipal area, but regrettably, I'm already booked into a home yogurt makers convention (I'll be giving a presentation on deveoping household strains of live cultures from common household molds, algaes, and fungi such as red bloom and black mold). I would like to note that Ken's housekeeping skills have been invaluable in developing this presentation. Thanks buddy!

Update 5 - cheez, it's back. *&^%$#@#!!

Update 6 - that's better. Say, ain't he got the cutest mug?
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