April 29, 2003

And speaking of warm-up plugs, the official Favorite Writer of The Donk Who Actually Replies to Our E-Mails, Karl Iagnemma, dropped us a line today to let us know that his debut short story collection, On the Nature of Human Romantic Interaction, was released today. I've written before about this unique and talented writer with the most impressive and babe-magnetizing bio I've ever seen, so if you haven't spent all your money on amusing t-shirts you should definitely plunk down a couple bucks for his book, either that or sneak into my room while I'm at work, slip on some of my clothes, grab a can of Dr Pepper from the fridge, take down the book from the shelf and play "Donk for A Day." I'd recommend the former, frankly.

You can buy the book at Barnes & Noble or get off your lazy ass and check out one of the readings he'll be doing in the Boston area. (There's something called "Books and Brews" that sounds promising, though I'd probably recommend waiting for the June 18 Roslindale reading he'll be doing with Steve Almond, another excellent writer whose book I actually paid hardback money for. Hey, wait, I just noticed that he'll be doing a Manhattan reading as well, so that's cool, too. Why don't you figure it out for yourself.)
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