March 21, 2003

Suggested New Terms for the Oxford English Dictionary, 2004 Edition.

blair ('blar) n.
1. Unquestioning loyalty, even to point of pain or detriment.
Sample Usage: "The soldier maintained his blair to his commander, despite the hopeless and insurmountable odds."

blix ('bliks) v. blixed, blix*ing, blix*es
1. To offer an excessive level of trust and understanding.
2. (Archaic) To thoroughly investigate, report on.
Sample Usage: "I thought when Scott cheated on his wife with that cocktail waitress it be the last straw, but three cocktail waitresses later and she still blixes him."

en*be*cee ('EN-ba-see) n. en*be*cees
1. Loud, ominous audio signal used to interrupt broadcasts for announcement of a) impending catastrophic event, such as nuclear or biochemical attack, or b) special encore presentation of "Friends."
2. Audio signal preceding an image of a serious-looking, 50ish white man in a suit.

france ('fran[t]s) n. franc*es
1. To project an excessive level of trust and understanding.
2. A strong air of superiority in the face of available evidence.
Sample Usage: "Betty in accounting became my france after she bought me lunch and said she'd help me with the project then canceled my funding and bad-mouthed me to the VP."
— france v. french, franc*ing, franc*es
1. To attempt to project power through bureaucratic or totemic symbols as opposed to financial or physical strength.

kim ('kim) v. kimmed, kim*ming, kims
1. To focus all of one's attention on the simpler of two situations.
2. To believe that fixing a small problem will cause a large problem to fix itself.
Sample Usage: "I guess I was just kimming when I changed that flat tire while the engine was still on fire."

ku*wait (ku-'wAt) v. ku*waited, ku*wait*ing, ku*waits
1. To exhibit a feeling of ungratefulness or lack of gratitude.
2. To neglect to repay a debt, especially an implied one.
Sample Usage: "I can't believe that after I lent Bill three grand and helped him through that rough patch with Mary he'd still kuwait when I asked him help me move my couch!"

spain ('spAn) v. spained, spain*ing, spains
1. To build one's status by arranging to be seen near more powerful or attractive figures.
Sample Usage: "Even though I spent all night at the bar spaining near those movie stars, I still didn't meet any women."
2. To offer enthusiastic moral support in lieu of financial or physical support.
Sample Usage: "Pete never showed up at the soup kitchen, so I guess he was just spaining when we made that passionate speech at the last meeting."

(Special thanks to Paul Frankenstein for his help.)
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