February 16, 2003

Whew, I made it home alive! You can all relax now, I'm home safe and sound, indoors and unsnowed-upon. It's just crazy what's happening out there now — the snow's falling at the rate of about a half-inch every minute, with no real break in the weather expected before Wednesday, and the mayor of Jersey City has just decriminalized crazed looting for the remainder of the crisis (which is good, because I am totally running low on milk, bread, and stereo equipment). Anyway, I picked up a halfway decent digital camera today, so here's a look at the scene currently outside of my window, with some of the plows off in the distance trying to restore some order.

Oh, and not that I'm not slightly pleased about the recognition, but the fact that I was somehow named as one of Blogstreet's 100 Most Important Blogs can only mean that either a) Their ranking system considers a disconcerting combination of self-promotion and self-deprecation to be extremely important, or b) Every single other blog that they ranked is about kittens.

Update: Um...I seem to have fallen out of the top 100 to #115 in their list, which is a touch embarrassing, but I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna take that banner down! They'll pry those pixels from my cold, dead, unimportant fingers!
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