February 07, 2003

Thank the Lord that whole thing's finally over...

Update: Hmmm...since there's been some question as to how I really felt about the festivities and some strange desire to hear my opinion on the subject, let me just say that I had a fine, fine time at the BABB, despite any photographic evidence to the contrary. While the attendance was so large and the space so narrow as to make getting around a bit difficult, it was great to meet some new writers like Erin the Gigglechick, Paul Katcher (who is indeed doing God's work over there), Kambri Crews, Mike Wolf (my new favorite Connecticut-based blogger), Alex of BrokenType, and Eric Rosenfield (whose interest in Cerebus I wish I knew about beforehand) among others. This is, of course, in addition to the BABB veterans who I delight in seeing anew each and every time.

Oh, and Ari, I swear that any apparent discomfort you may have noticed during your farewell hug was not due to any possible "physical boundaries" issues, but because of the sudden appearance of a bizarre monster outside the window who ...disappeared when anybody...turned...to look. Or maybe it was something else.
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