February 19, 2003

Speaking of the press, I present my nominee for the Most Probably Exaggerated Use of the Description "Awe-Struck" to describe twelve-year-olds:
Bush Adviser Returns to Sacred Heart School
By Miles Doyle, Journal Staff Writer

Assistant Secretary of Commerce William H. Lash recently told a group of awe-struck uniformed Jersey City students about how he went from solving algebra problems as a Sacred Heart schoolboy to being hand-picked by President George W. Bush to protect American economic interests across the world. [...] As the head of market access and compliance, Lash advises on the analysis, formulation and implementation of the nation's international economic policies.
Oh my god, it's the man who formulates international economic policies! Somebody please catch me if I faint...AAAIIIEEE!!!!

(Although as the aforementioned Mr. Frankenstein points out, it would indeed be awe-inducing if Lash really did go straight from elementary school to the White House.)
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