February 02, 2003

"Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!" Office Space: quirky cult comedy classic dealing with the humorous foibles and mind-numbing alienation of the modern corporate world, or most world-shatteringly influential film since Metropolis?
  1. First, last year, in response to an unprecedented office-supply meme (warning: article contains suicidally depressing line " 'Most people have had a Swingline on their desk, looking at the name every day, year after year,' [Bill Carvell, VP of Swingline's parent company] says."), Swingline introduced a "Rio Red" version of its standard "747" model, which is also notable for the new direction it takes with stapler marketing copy:
    Up the Revolution: The Red Stapler! Staple and be heard! WHAM-cubicles! WHAM-dress code! WHAMWHAMWHAM! By popular demand, we're offering this desk stapler in screaming, gleaming red. Use with caution (unless you're the boss).
    Of course, the revolution will require SF4 Hi-Performance Staples.
  2. Jim Flanagan of Everything Burns noticed that in Adaptation, Ron Livingston, playing Charlie Kaufman's agent, paraphrases his old boss Bill Lumbergh's line when he tells Kaufman, "Mmmm...yeah, if we can see something on that...tomorrow, that would be great...yeah..."
  3. In one of the current Reebok "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" series, one of the most popular Super Bowl ads, Tate is shown berating a cowering co-worker, screaming, "You know you need a cover sheet on your TPS reports, Richard! That ain't new, baby!"
Remember, folks: two is a coincidence; three is a conspiracy!
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