February 10, 2003

The Lastest Ever Big Apple Blogger Bash Update
Atheist Blogger Undeterred by Mortifying Public Humiliation

An atheist weblogger who fell into a theologically-induced alcoholic stupor at a crowded blog party will continue with his shrill, anti-religious moralistic pontificating despite the apparent stain upon his reputation. The Screaming Atheist -- rendered unconscious for approximately four hours Friday night at downtown L.A.’s Xanadu by six overly-strong White Russians -- declared that the incident had only strengthened his resolve to expose the falsity of God-belief and the stupidity and hypocrisy of its adherents.

“It’s not exactly like I was toppling skyscrapers with airplanes or buggering boys in the rectory, now, was it?” he asked rhetorically. “Nor was I even a belligerent drunk like those homophobic Papists in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.” TSA noted that he fully cooperated with the restaurant’s so-called “bouncer,” a term that he disputed should even be applied to someone you tip $10 to help you stand up and hail a cab, a fact that anyone who had bothered to question the alleged “bouncer” would have discovered.
Dammit, R.A., or whoever the heck that was wearing your nametag, the next time I see you I owe you a drink!
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