February 12, 2003

[Goldstein:] Hmmmm.......yeah, everything seems pretty good...didn't really ask for the mask but I guess it looks...okay.

[checks arounds, looks behind Archives, straightens out the left justification a touch]

You know, Mike — and I'm not implying that you necessarily had anything to do with it, not at all — but I'm pretty sure that when I gave you the password last night this site had a couple more insouciant and witty comments, at least one shocking expose that's gonna bring this country's pet food conglomerates to their knees, plus some change in one of the cupholders. Now, I'm looking around, and I don't see those things. Again, I'm not accusing you of anything, there could be a lot of explanations — this has been a high-crime blogroll and word has it that Frankenstein character's been lurking around — but how about I just head off to work now, and maybe when I get back home we'll see what's...turned up. Okay? Great.
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