January 24, 2003

Why you should be glad you're not me, #16 in an open-ended series. Sometime between the time I parked my car Wednesday night and left for work Thursday morning, somebody smacked right into it, leaving a big-ass dent that's gonna cost me some serious cash to fix. (No, of course the assailant didn't leave a note. I didn't even think of that remote possibility until a co-worker mentioned it, and I greeted the suggestion with one of the mirthless laughs I am becoming known for.) It's just this random Screw You from the heavens, a Community Chest card that forces me to shell out some C-notes to a shifty-eyed Rahway body shop owner to return my car to the unsmashed state it deviated from through absolutely no fault of my own. Feh! Feh on you, damned fate! Feh!
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