January 29, 2003

So, hey, did anybody catch the State of the Union address last night? Like always, one of my favorite things about the address is...um...yeah, where was I...one of my favorite...things...

You're all still thinking about that post, aren't you? Aren't you?!?!

Well, fine! Read it as many times as you want! I'm not ashamed of it, not ashamed of being a real human being with real feelings and real hopes, fears, and dreams! So no, I'm not gonna just delete it, because that post is a part of me, and deleting that post would be like deleting a bit part of me, plus it might mess up some of the comments and links and whatnot but mostly because it's me! So if you have a problem with that, I guess that just means you have a problem with me! And maybe that means you should just leave!

Christ, where'd I put that frigging tequilla...
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