January 26, 2003

Cash Money. With those big-name blog awards causing so much heartache and tsuris that nominated bloggers are actually withdrawing, some other folks like Jeff Jarvis and Dawn Olson and who knows who else are stepping up to the plate with their own new and as-yet-untainted blog awards. With that in mind I just want to make one thing perfectly clear:
The first blogger or group to bestow just about any kind of award or honor on us here at The Donk will be rewarded with a three-dollar...oh, let's just call it a processing fee, as well as some other cool trinkets from Donk HQ.
Yes, folks, we'd sure like to be called "Award Winning," but we need at least one award for that. Oh, and it just can't be us getting an award; it has to look like it's part of some group of awards. Thanks.
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