October 06, 2002

I'm back from a lovely weekend up north to see the aforementioned and still extremely rocking Jason "Jake" Loewenstein (a bizarre, free show in a roomful of 19-year-old hippie Richie Riches and Mayda Munnies, the vast majority of whom had never heard of him but were still dancing up a storm) to find a comments box filled with lovely congratulations on my first anniversary. Gosh, thanks y'all. If any of you are in Jersey City stop by for some sharp cheddar and maple syrup.

[Speaking of my trip, I did discover that the Yaddo Artists' Sanctuary, which I had always imagined as a quiet, isolated outpost, is actually adjacent to both a major interstate and the Saratoga Springs racetrack.]

But on a more important note: I have already defeated puny upstarts Mike Whybark, Scott Chaffin, and Paul Frankenstein in Mike's newly formed World Blogger Federation, based on that hot new sensation, Googlefight. Who shall be the next victim! In the consolation round, Mike Whybark was soundly thrashed by a wet paper bag, though he did cover the spread.

Oh, and Justin Slotman is alive! Now, don't everybody rush over to Blogistan at once, or we'll frighten him into hiding again.
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