October 02, 2002

Democrats Win N.J. Senate Case
Democratic Party hopes of retaining the seat of Sen. Robert Torricelli and control of the Senate got a boost Wednesday night when the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the state party can replace Torricelli on the Nov. 5 ballot with former Sen. Frank Lautenberg, even though the legal deadline passed two weeks ago.

[...] Democratic Party lawyer Angelo Genova told the justices that the Democrats were seeking to protect “voters’ right to participate in a competitive election” and asked the court to interpret state law broadly, despite the lapsed deadline.
Court Rules in Iowa Senate Race
DES MOINES, IA (AP) Citing New Jersey's precedent-setting "Competitive Balance" ruling of 2002, the Iowa Supreme Court today announced that Democratic Senate candidate Scott Scoglio, leading Republican Patty Moore by 15 points in recent polls, must reverse his long-standing support of the death penalty in order to "give Moore a fighting chance."

In the majority ruling, Chief Justice Zach Robinson wrote "Scoglio's 'tough-on-crime' stance has struck a chord with Iowa voters, leading to a race that has been, frankly, not that much fun. By instigating this shocking flipflop on a major issue, we're hoping to give Moore at least a seven-point boost in the polls." The ruling later went on to say that if Moore failed to close the gap over the next two weeks, Robinson would be required to appear on television with his arm around two convicted murderers and announce, "These are the kinds of fine fellows I'm trying to get back on the streets as soon as possible." Robinson is expected to appeal the decision.

This is the third recent application of the Competitive Balance ruling, following last month's ruling requiring Maine Democratic Congressional candidate Paul Silvera to wear ill-fitting suits, and the ongoing mandatory extra-marital affair of Nevada frontrunner Christine Woolley.

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