September 28, 2002

Yeah, I've been slacking, but I've been very busy this week with my incredibly active social life. Broadway shows, fancy dinners, bowling in bus's all just too darn much for one Donk, and I'm heading out the door again, this time to have lunch with Jahna D'Lish and friends. It hasn't all been uneducational fooferall, as this week I did learn the important news that if for some reason you need to see Madison Square Garden completely surrounded by limos and dickweeds, you should hang out there at 11 the next time the Rolling Stones play there. Basically, if any other bloggers or readers out there want to contribute a Frankenstein-like guest article for the weekend, now would be a great time to do it. This month's theme at The Donk is bowling. Or maybe pie.

Also, I notice that a ton of great blogs still have their Blogger banner ads at the top of the page. Remember, if there's one of these on a blog you like, you can spend a measly 12 bucks to have it removed. It's a good cause, it improves the blog, and that blogger will love you until the end of time. Click here for more details.
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