September 11, 2002

Welcome to the Illuminated D'Lish!

Welcome, welcome one and all to the shiniest blog in the world, at least for one day. For on this day we put aside everything you've come to expect from The Donk — the Golden Girls epsiode reviews, the Hugh Downs / Barbara Walters softcore fan fiction, the drunken rants against the Belgians — and instead focus on our most fabulous reader: Jahna D'Lish.

Feeling a little confused? Well, you needn't be. You see, last week we here at The Donk were fortunate enough to pass the 50,000 visitor mark, so we had a little contest to celebrate that lucky #50K. The grand prize: you're looking at it! An entire day of blogging excitement devoted to that reader, with posts by, about, that lucky winner!

[Legal Notice: two other readers also sent notice that their site meters read "50,000" (there seems to be some sort of bug with the counter), but Ms. D'Lish was the only one of the three to send the clinching screenshot. I offer my apologies to those two readers — the mysterious Mo-Skee and the also-mysterious-but-in-an-entirely-different-way Clay Waters — for the vagaries of the system, and invite them and their fans to simply read their names instead of D'Lish's as it appears, though in about 95% of those cases the result will be nearly incomprehensible.]

And just who is Jahna D'Lish? Well, she's my oldest and dearest friend in the world, just like a sister to me (which is really odd, since my sister is just like a D'Lish to me), beautiful yet deadly, and...well, there's no point in telling the whole story right away. We have a whole day to do that.

But yes, Scott, that is her real name.

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