September 11, 2002

So let's get started, shall we? I asked Miss D'Lish to send us a little info to help out those unfortunate wretches who might not be familiar with her life and work. She responded with a few quick facts and a longer bio, together offering everything you could possibly want to know about this dynamo. Let's kick off D'Lish Day with a little first-person action:
  1. Even though it is no longer considered a fashion faux pas, I refuse to wear white after Labor Day.
  2. "Some Like It Hot" is my favorite movie.
  3. I think Skee Ball is the greatest game of all time.
  4. I cannot stand Bleu or Gorgonzola cheese.
  5. If I could, I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.
I was born on November 1, 1971 in Hoboken, NJ; the wing of St. Mary's Hospital where I was delivered burned down a few years later. I lived in Hoboken the first year of my life, then in Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Seattle, Bradley Beach, Brick, Wanamassa, Toms River, Old Bridge, New Brunswick, Highland Park, Manhattan, back to Seattle and currently in Brooklyn, NY.

I have three sisters and three brothers. Two older sisters (Gail and Allison) and one older brother (John) are from my father's first marriage. My younger sister and brother (Summer and Jay) are from my parents twelve-year union (and then my mother left my father for his younger brother, but that¹s another story entirely). I also have an older half-brother that I've never met. My mother became pregnant when she was seventeen (out of wedlock and by a ~gasp~ Puerto Rican). Being it was 1967 and she came from a strict Italian family, this was frowned upon. My grandparents promised my mother she could keep the baby but after the delivery, they signed him over to an adoption agency. I have never sought out my brother due to evolving circumstances and I'm not entirely sure I would have the resources to do so even if I wanted to.

My first job was at the Double D in Old Bridge, NJ (those who know me can insert boob joke here). In order to operate the slicer, I lied and said I was eighteen. I was actually thirteen. My jobs since have included cocktail waitress, receptionist, phone sex operator and personal assistant to Steve McQueen. One waitressing experience in New Brunswick, NJ is the basis for my first feature-length screenplay. It is also where I met my dear friend, Murph. We later discovered our fathers knew each other for twenty years, as they worked in the same Teamster's local.

I met Ken at Madison Central High School, where we were both on the yearbook staff. Here is his entry in my yearbook: "I appreciate anything that you said about me this year. I feel kinda left out that it took so long for us to actually become friends, but as I always say half a year is better than none. The yearbook came out pretty happening doncha think? Fabulous captions (sorry, strange tangent). You really are a fabulous babe, so keep on rockin'. By the way, I do consider being compared to Woody Allen to be a fabulous compliment." That was over thirteen years ago.

In 1995, I moved back to Seattle. After a tumultuous three-year relationship ended, I decided to attend the Seattle Film Institute. My first 16mm project, Pendemonium, played in several film festivals including The Seattle International Film Festival, toured the US and Canada with The Best of the Northwest Film Festival, and appeared on The Sundance Channel. An origami gag from that movie has been plagiarized by Starburst, but that¹s all my lawyers will allow me to say about it (if this is anyone but Steve Allen, you¹re 'stealing my bit!).

After graduation, it was either LA or NYC, and I think the choice was obvious. I spent that summer at my sister Allison's house, lounging in the sun. It was during that summer that I received the best compliment from a mook in my life: "your hair is so excellent; it makes me want to read a book or somethin'." On August 1st, 2001, I moved to Sunset Park, Brooklyn with my cousin, Jewels and her dog, Tosh. I landed a job with Corporation Service Company, just after Labor Day, who was located in the World Trade Center. I was actually in the building on September 11th and got out by the skin of my teeth, much to the relief of my friends and family.

Lucky to be alive, I decided to do everything I've been putting off, including writing my feature length and taking martial arts classes. Here I am, a year later: working for the same company (relocated to midtown), taking sixteen classes a week at Bo Law Kung-Fu, working on the fourth draft of my script, and involved with a swell guy by the name of Joshua. I love being me!
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