September 22, 2002

Sheesh! Well, I'm still sitting in this stupid chair, staring at this stupid shipping manual (okay, I snuck out for a few hours yesterday to visit the quite interesting Lower East Side Tenement Museum, where I was called upon to help explain both Jewish burial rituals and cupping, followed by dinner and drinks with some kickass friends, including a rare visit from New York Gabe Vecchi...but other than that I've been working for doing this).

Anyway, Friday's Big Apple Blog Bash may have the best one yet, with more damned attractive folks, more pints of beer, and perhaps fewer drunken fistfights than any previous Blog Bash. I've created a special links section over there to your left to let anybody who couldn't make it play the home version of Blog Bash. Just open up a dozen windows with each of the blogs in its own window. Then, drink a couple of beers, spin around a few times, and read them all simultaneously. Oh, and always: if I met you on Friday and somehow didn't list your blog, that just means that I hate you.

Update: Paul has posted photos that were taken with his snazzy new camera!
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