September 22, 2002

Paul Frankenstein was kind enough to direct me to Travis Nelson, the Boy of Summer, probably the best baseball blog I've seen so far, though Travis does link to a bunch of other fine ones. From the BoS I learned that Brewer Jose Hernandez is only two K's away from Bobby Bonds' single-season record (though he has been wuss-benched for four straight games to avoid breaking the record at home), plus the truth about the Tom Gamboa beating that baseball doesn't want you to know!

Speaking of baseball, I've decided that the Mariners of the last eight or so seasons, a team that has boasted at various times such stars as Ken Griffey, Jr., Randy Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, Ichiro, and Edgar Martinez, and has made four playoff appearances without winning a pennant, may have supplanted the Aaron/Mathews/Spahn Milwaukee Braves as baseball's most underachieving team. I think only the fact that they've never won anything is preventing people from realizing that they probably should have.

Oh, and I ordered Yankees playoff tickets and had the distinct and rare pleasure of somehow paying more in shipping fees, convenience charges, and a "building facility charge" than for the tickets themselves! If you're scoring at home, I paid $58 for two $12 bleacher seats for the opening round. Now, my question: is the somewhat snaky-looking "building facility charge" a way for teams to get out of paying a full share of gate receipts to visiting teams?
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