September 12, 2002

It feels kind of weak to do these each as an individual post, so let me run through a bunch of bits real quick.
  1. Sure, she's abandoned New Jersey and now says we ain't never getting her back, but if the blogiverse gave out awards like baseball, Meryl Yourish would have my vote for Blogger of the Month, as she's been completely kicking ass every single day. Go read her annotated Nigerian scam letter, then read everything else she wrote.
  2. Okay, this is pretty damn funny, too: Dawn Olson interviews her Troll.
  3. Driving back from Old Bridge tonight I found myself behind a car with two or three bumper stickers and signs. The license plate? BLASFMR. [For some reason I just did a Google check on that plate, and discovered I was driving behind this guy.]
  4. The coolest thing I heard yesterday was on the Howard Stern Show, where Howard let a bunch of small-business owners hurt by the attacks call in and promote their stores. No charity, no pleas for donations, just some hardworking folks telling listeners that if they need some hardware or liquor or anything to head downtown and buy it there. From what I heard, K-Rock ran these clips for the rest of the day.
  5. I'm sure this must be some sort of mistake (and the ranking might change by the time you see this), but according to the Myelin Blogging Ecosystem I am currently tied in linklove with the excellent and revered Rabbit Blog. This makes me disproportionately pleased. (Update: it was a one-day anomaly.)
Okay, I guess that's enough for now.
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