September 18, 2002

If you're at all interested in casino poker, then you'll love this dealer's diary at Linda Geenan is a longtime player, manager, and dealer, currently working at the Bellagio in Vegas, home of perhaps the world's biggest games. Linda deals the lowest limits all the way up to games with a few million dollars on the table, and her diary lets us know what the job is really like, naming names on the nice guys and (more often) the biggest jerks.
I dealt to Johnny Chan on Christmas Night...please hold the ooohs and aaahhhs. All of the youngsters that have watched Rounders think that he's the best of the best; I do not agree. The best of the best don't steam or think the dealer did something to cause them to lose a hand, they just play it out because they know in the long run they will take home the bacon. Chip Reese has my vote here, no whining, no crying - just get the 'Mother' on.
Linda pulls no punches, and it makes for a fun and honest read.
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