September 12, 2002

And we're back! After a few hours of relatively relaxing employment, away from the hectic nightmare that is Jahna D'Lish Day, I'm ready to resume the most magical day of posting ever! To get us going again, let's take a moment to honor those folks who made D'Lish the gal she is today. Sure, I said that she's like a sister to me, but those are just empty words. Let's devote a few moments to those most special of folks, her actual family!

Last night I directed you to a few links, but be sure to check out this link to the art of John Segreto, aka Dad D'Lish! There's some really good stuff in his portfolio, great paintings from an artist who does "not understand the interminably persistent drive to paint objects that can be readily photographed."

For further family fun, you'll definitely wanna check out the comments building up in today's links, where you can find piles of words from Jahna's older sister Allison.

And in an exclusive, we have deep insight into the early D'Lish and how she became the dynamo she is today, leaving a trail of dumbstruck men in her wake. The memory comes from her cousin Juliette, who has asked to remain anonymous, and concerns an epochal moment in the young D'Lish's life.
Ms. D'Lish's relationship problems with men began at an early age. At the tender age of eight the boy next door asked her to play the infamous "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" game. Up for just about anything, Little Miss D'Lish agreed. They walked to the side of the house, hidden from both houses but with a view of the road.

First he showed her his. She wasn't impressed. Then, in nervous anticipation, he asked to see hers. She hesitated, wondering if this relationship would really go anywhere, but then finally showed him hers. To her dismay the boy began crying hysterically, then ran away, never to be seen again! You see, at the very moment that she showed him hers, his pet cat was run over by a passing car. Jahna never knew just why the silly boy ran away, and could only assume the worst. Both embarrassed and angry, Jahna decided that if this was the way it had to be, then she would use her obvious powers for evil instead of good, and thus the Pussy Power of Miss Jahna D'Lish was unleashed upon the world!
Ah, family! If it weren't for them, we'd get a whole lot less stuff on our birthdays.

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