August 03, 2002

Sorry about the lack of posting, Scott, but I've been dang busy lately. Continuing the good life theme, I spent my half-day yesterday wandering around New York, visiting the main Public Library branch and the brand-spanking-new American Folk Art Museum (definitely worth a visit, and free on Friday nights). Last night I saw The Breeders, with Imperial Teen opening. The folks who had seen them during their original run were pleased if not thrilled, but I thought it was all pretty fun and exciting, even if Kim Deal is crazier than a sack of hens and the Deal sisters each went through about three packs of cigs in an hour show. In cross-culture news, the band played the Buffy theme, and the Deal sisters will apparently appear on the show. Well, I'm off again. The world calls.
I'm interested in trading currencies with a FOREX account, but I've also heard plenty of bad things about numerous companies. Does anyone know which company has the best reputation for FOREX trading?
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Dear Colleagues,

First of all I would like to intoduce myself. I`m amost 38 y/o,
I presently live in Milano, Italy. Please excuse me for not perfect English.. :)
My hair is blonde, my eyes are grey, my work these days, the household.
Since I got married couple of years ago I lost most of my contacts and friends, my husband often abroad
in business trips, so I decided to contact someone via internet as it's my only
chance not go crazy from boredom.

To many people wealth building is man’s ultimate objective in life.
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Before the age of information, the businesses were confined in the traditional offices run by several
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The World Wide Web made it possible to acquire wealth. Referred to as the internet wealth,
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Among the output of your mental works are the strategies contained in your business plan.
Before you reach your financial freedom, you first need to invest your money.
Investment is like planting fields. You need to sow on the land.
To make it grow, it needs care and the elements of life such as air, water, and minerals.
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I really would appreciate if you drop me your anticipation about the money making tips described
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Well it's not to much but I invested less then 130, and now I conclude if I need to raise my rates and to play in a bigger game..
Please let me know what you think about it...
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