August 28, 2002

Now this is extremely weird and sad.
Brookins Turned in Playbook, Misread Message.

A communication mixup put Packers halfback Jason Brookins' brief Green Bay career on hold. On Tuesday, the day NFL teams had to trim their rosters to 65 players, Brookins was asked for his playbook by a Packers official. He thought the request meant that he was being released. What he didn't know was that it was for some late additions to his playbook prior to Friday's game against the Titans. By then, it was too late. Brookins had already gotten in his car, turned off his cell phone and headed to his offseason home in Missouri.
After spending Tuesday trying to get ahold of the incommunicado Brookins, on Wednesday Packers coach Mike Sherman was apparently unsure if he wanted Brookins to bother to make the drive back to Green Bay. Not exactly the story you want to tell your friends back home when they asked what happened to that promising NFL career.
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