August 20, 2002

Jeez, I had a whole bunch of brilliant stuff ready to post, but it all kinda got lost on the PATH ride back to Jersey City. Crap. I remember thinking that it was going to be really funny and cool, so I guess we all lose. Me sleepy anyway.

Oh, I did learn something on the D Train heading to Yankee Stadium: if you're a bald, way-overweight, poorly groomed 40-year-old guy in an ill-fitting Jason Giambi jersey, repeatedly saying, "Dude, that is exactly why I'm not in a relationship" in reply to your friend's tales of womanly woe is a great way to make everyone on the train understand that your singleness is completely voluntary, and has absolutely nothing to do with issues of attractiveness, hygiene, or large ketchup stains on the front of said Giambi jersey.

Meanwhile, here's a quick update on my relocation decision:Advantage: Texas!
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