August 30, 2002

I'm an idiot. After 30 years on this planet I still haven't learned that if there's a cool event or concert I should get the tickets right away rather than lollygagging and hope a pair of tickets magically appear in my mailbox. I did that with the Mr. Show Live! show coming up, and I just did it again with the tons of great stuff that's part of the New Yorker Festival (I'm not linking to it because you'll just go check it out and see everything that's sold out and hate me as much as a friend of mine who I just severely disappointed by doing the same thing.).

Anyway, if anybody bought any tickets to the NYF that they can't use, please give me a heads-up since there's a good chance I'll want them. Or maybe you could just take me with you; I'm nice, and I sometimes say amusing things (but only after the show), and I've been known to pick up a beer tab.
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