August 27, 2002

Hey, Tennis Fans! The ATP site is amazingly comprehensive, listing the results of every single match since 1990 for every player on the men's tour. Wondering what Michael Chang's been up to lately (or more specifically, why he's still out there, plugging away)? Turns out that this year Chang managed to go through a pathetic stretch of six straight first-round tournament exits, a streak broken by winning the Calabasas Classic.

Now, what makes the ATP site especially browseworthy is its listing of the prize money won by each player in every tour appearance. You may know that the U.S. Open winner will cash in for a cool $900K, but I bet you didn't know that Chang picked up only $7200 for that Calabasas win (by contrast, every player in the Open will take home at least $11,000).

I'm used to only hearing about the big paydays, so it's fascinating for me to check out the record of some low-level grinder: $1460 here, a couple of not-worth-the-trip $520 checks, a big $9700 score. It's a good look at how the other half lives.
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