August 05, 2002

(Editor's Note: While we here at The Donk have always pledged to concentrate on the art and ignore the merchandising and speculation that has surrounded this blog, recent events have made this difficult, if not impossible. After receiving dozens of letters and e-mails from loyal readers and collectors who have been scammed by unscrupulous dealers selling counterfeit issues, mislabeled reprints, and the like, we have decided to include the following excerpt from Overstreet's Blog Price Guide to provide some help to those looking to get started in this fast-growing hobby.)

[1: First Appearance; D: Death; O: Origin; V: Versus]

The Illuminated Donkey

September 2001 - Present

1 $70 O: The Illuminated Donkey; 1: Cocky Sexton, Negative Nancy, The Duck

1 (Second, Third Printings) $3

2 $50 1&V: The Anti-Donkey; D: Uncle Chuck

2 (Second Printing) $3

3-5 $30 "Whence Came the Donkey" Storyline

6 $45 D: Impy the Kittycat; Ken Goldstein begins writing.

7-11 $20 "Donkey in a Strange Land" Storyline

12 $35 1: Mike Whybark (Two-panel appearance on last page.)

13 $55 O: Mike Whybark (Warning: Counterfeit versions of this issue have been discovered. The most common counterfeit can be determined by its fuzzy indicia, as well as MW's missing handlebar mustache on p14.)

14-18 $15 "My Pretty Girl, My Father" Storyline

19-21 $25 V: The Fat Guy

22-25 $12 Last Ken Goldstein issues.

26-29 $7 Crisis in Infinite Blogs Crossover

30-34 $5 "The Donkey in the Land of Rednecks" Storyline

35 $10 1&O: Guy Sterling: Skee-Ball Champion

36-40 $7 Guy Sterling storyline

41-44 $3 Poorly received All-French issues

45 $5 Ken Goldstein returns as writer.

46-49 $3 Brainwashed TID joins the Legion of Pernicious Posters

50 $8 Double-Sized Anniversary Issue; D?: Mike Whybark

Blogger Bazaar

March 1974 - July 1996

237 $120 1 & O: The Illuminated Donkey

238 $60 The Illuminated Donkey vs. The Dark Moose

239-40 $30 The Illuminated Donkey

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