May 10, 2002

Made my first trip down the shore tonight, a lovely evening in Seaside Heights with my sister Nancy. I won some prizes, played some Paperboy and 720, and ate two of the "world's biggest slices of pizza" at The Sawmill. I went down for some wholesome boardwalk fun but I definitely learned one thing: if it's not already, Spongebob Squarepants is gonna be absolutely huge!

Each summer the game booths at Seaside and Pt. Pleasant are filled with versions of the latest hot property, whether it's The Simpsons, South Park, Powerpuff Girls or the latest big action flick. Well, tonight about half of the many booths featured some sort of Spongebob merch, with a high percentage of those devoted entirely to Spongebob. I won a stuffed one early in the evening, and was greeted by adoring fans many times during my boardwalking, including at least one man who sang the theme song at me. Basically, if your town hasn't been overrun by Spongebobbians yet, it's only a matter of weeks.
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