May 13, 2002

I grew up in Old Bridge, a place in Central Jersey that nobody outside of Middlesex County has ever heard of, not least of which because it only became Old Bridge in 1975 (it was Madison Township before that). I generally describe it as being the city that connects the hometowns of Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Anyway, for the first time I can remember, Old Bridge actually made a little news this week when after months of council meetings, debates, and codgers still moaning about the Grateful Dead concert twenty-five years ago when their lawn was used as a parking lot, Harley-Davidson withdrew its permit application to hold the Northeast stop of its 100th Anniversary Open Road Tour at Raceway Park. The final straw was apparently the recent biker gang violence in Laughlin, and despite the fact that the Harley event was more corporate festival than Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, my brave little city politely asked Harley to keep all the big, bad bikers away.

Jeez, if Old Bridge is like one of my other former homes, attendees probably wouldn't have been allowed to wear "Kawasakis Suck!" t-shirts to the event, anyway.
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