April 09, 2002

Well, I'm off with my sister to see the White Stripes performing, of all places, at the Birch Hill Niteclub (formerly Swim Club) in my hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey. This is very odd, as the club usually hosts things like Motorhead and Whitesnake reunion shows. More later.

The Later: Well it turns out that I need to take back my previous snarky comments, since the BHNC does now host better bands than I remember. It was a pretty poor venue, though: hot, sticky, almost impossible to see anything that was happening (especially for my little sister, who's at least six inches shorter than me). It made me feel old. The show was decent, not particluarly notable. Too many of the songs ran together for me, and a couple of hours later I can't remember too much of what happened. Still, you should definitely check out this video for their quite excellent song 'Fell In Love With A Girl,' as it's made entirely out of Legos!
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