April 21, 2002

The Illuminated Donkey: Plug-Friendly! Received an e-mail today from "the person who introduced karaoke to the English-speaking world." Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write! Martin Roth is a 53-year-old Australian journalist and author who has lived in Israel, England, and Japan, and who has written books about Buddhism, sake, the Japanese stock market, and his own Christian spirituality. It's probably a safe guess that our paths would not have crossed if I didn't run The Donk.

Mr. Roth has recently started his own blog, A Weblog from the Christian Counter-Culture, and it's definitely an interesting addition to the blog world. This guy can write, has done enough cool stuff for four or five lives, and he writes from a point of view not often seen round these parts. Go check it out.
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