April 08, 2002

Honestly, I'm getting a little frightened. "The Yankees are starting strong again, winning their sixth in a row with a 16-3 rout of the Blue Jays." In the six games since their opening day 10-1 loss to Baltimore the Yankees have allowed a total of six runs while scoring 35. The starting pitching is just silly right now, with no weak spots at all in the rotation, though injuries are a risk. Still, even if Wells or El Duque goes down, a lot of teams would be extremely happy to have a #5 starter like Hitchcock or Lilly.

Speaking of Hitchcock, to me, that's the real issue with the Yankees and their payroll. It isn't so much the guys like Mussina and Giambi that bother me, but rather the guys like Ron Coomer, John Vander Wal, and Hitchcock -- decent major leaguers who are basically picking up a couple million each to hang around the locker room just in case one of the superstars go down.
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