April 29, 2002

Flipping through the cable news stations (I lost the remote) I was struck by the complete disconnect between the MSCNNFox world and the one I'm living in. In that world boxed in by weather reports and news crawls there's this utter capitulation to the Robert Blake case, as if after seven months of real news they finally got a story they know what to do with. And what they've decided to do is spend half their programming day discussing its relation to the OJ case, flooding the studios with crocodile tears bemoaning the inevitable OJ-ness of it all, all the while practically begging the media gods to make this another OJ.

Meanwhile, back in my world, nobody cares, even a little bit. I think I've heard a grand total of 15 seconds worth of Blake discussion, basically a conversational trial balloon that went nowhere. I suppose it's good for the news teams to stay in practice for the next worthless story we decide to care about, though.
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