April 10, 2002

Damn you Jonathan Franzen! Damn your high-minded, ambivalent ass to Hell! All Oprah wanted to do was help people, and you ruined it. You ruined it for everybody! Ruiner! Why couldn't you understand? Why?!

Oh, and you've also apparently sunk the entire publishing industry. Nice going...DICK!

By the way, here's a great quote from the MSNBC article:
“Oprah is very big on giving of herself and doing loving things for people, but she expects a giving, loving reaction in return,” says one insider. “The Franzen episode was very, very hurtful. Her attitude was, who needs this, not just in terms of Franzen, but the entire endeavor.”
While I certainly admire the insider's restraint in not mentioning Oprah's heat vision or ability to bring sight to the blind, I'm even more impressed with the restraint in letting this massive suckup quote go uncredited. Five bucks says that the insider has already managed to drop a few hints regarding the source.

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