March 02, 2002

Check the left-hand column for a speciall NYC BloggerBash edition of the Islands of Quality; let me know if you were there and I left you out. I had an absolutely terrific time, though unfortunately I had to leave early to attend the amazing first night of the Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs" concert way uptown at Alice Tully Hall (I found my seat just as they were starting their first song). Here is a fine group photo of the evening's festivities; I'm the gentleman in the tan sweater at left pointing out Cousin It.

No time now to write too much about last night, as I'm on my way out the door to meet up for dinner and drinks before the second night of the concert. I'll try and decipher the notes on the beer-soaked bar napkin I found in my pocket after I woke up in the alley this morning. (Here's a hint for future BloggerBashes: never let Jay Zilber order a drink for you. Whooo!)
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