March 02, 2005

I Think I Am Making a Huge Freaking Mistake! Basically, I need to move...oh, let's say this Saturday. As in four freaking days from now, and of course nothing is really packed, though most of my things are still in the same boxes as they were when I moved in here. Now, 'here' happens to be the second different room I've subletted in this building I've grown to like very much, so when I found a third room available I was nine kinds of psyched.

But suddenly it just seems completely wrong! There's was this weird vibe a-happening when I stopped by and I started to get all nervous and wonder if my wanting to stay in the building trumped some obvious negative aspects but then if not, where? And how, since I'd have to pack and rent a truck and the whole thing, and what the hell am I gonna do?!

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