January 11, 2005

Very strange...had dinner the other day with my best friend from grade school, who I haven't seen in...jeez...something like 15 or more years. It was good to see him again (it turns out he works 20 or so blocks south of me; obviously not that unusual an occurrence in Manhattan), but it turns out that one of my stronger memories I have from that period, that of me waiting semi-lost on a corner between our houses the first time we were to play together, isn't actually real. I mean, at least it's not real according to him, but he definitely seemed to remember that whole time a lot better than I did. It's a bit disturbing -- I don't really have that many memories, so I'd rather they all have actually happened.

But anyway, very cool to see the guy. He's good people, good Old Bridge people, the best in the world.
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