December 25, 2004

I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that I was able to sit down last night in the Borgata Casino's Living Room Lounge and read this book without a swarm of beefy security guards dragging me out to the marshland and beating me with a sack of oranges and automatic card shufflers. I guess they could just sense that I lack both the manual dexterity and the sack to pull off an effective $1005 past-post move (with odds) at the craps table.

Even without trying one of the seemingly-so-easy cheating techniques described in the book, I did manage to leave AC a winner, unlike my four fellow family members, thanks to a few blackjack streaks (after managing to survive one brutal four-hand stretch when the dealer had three blackjacks and a 20) and a beautiful flush with dealer's qualifier on the only hand of Caribbean Stud Poker I played (odds: 1 in 510). Boy, that was sweet.

Decidedly unsweet was when some jerk at the $5/$10 table hit his three-outer on the river, his KJ crushing my AK, while at the exact same moment an acquaintance of mine from the central-NJ clubs was tapping me on the shoulder in order to borrow $100.
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