September 14, 2004

Oh Yeah, the Reunion. For some reason a whole bunch of people who didn't even go to my high school are all curious about how the reunion went, with one or two wondering if it was so traumatic that it caused me to go on my aforementioned 36-hour scotch bender. The answer is, of course, that the reunion turned out to be a pretty decent time. I had a couple of beers, caught up with people whom I hadn't seen in anywhere from two to 15 years, and even remembered some names. So the reunion went well.

It's just everything else in my life that has caused me to seek succor in that sweet, sweet scotch. I don't really feel like getting into too many details (okay, two words: "Benefits Exhausted"), so instead I'll just pass along a brief yet still impressively desperate message from a longtime friend of The Donk, Mr. Happy Crack himself, Sidney Crackstein.
I am shamelessly asking all the people I know (seven as of last count) to vote for Mr. Happy Crack as St. Louis's top local mascot.

We were nominated over the weekend and a vote for Mr. Happy Crack is a vote for......well I'm not sure yet. But it's good.

If you go to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch site there's a thing on the right column that says "vote" or "results". My name is Mr. Happy Crack and I am a vote whore.
I just showed my MHC support and can tell you that while running strong, everybody's favorite Crackhead is shamefully trailing something called The Dirt Cheap Chicken 52% to 38%. Now, I don't know anything about this chicken, other than it has something to do with cheap, possibly stolen cigarettes and alcohol, and it has never sent me any free boxer shorts! So let's lend our old pal a hand and put him over the top, or else we can just add this to the ever-growing list of disappointments in my life.

But you know, ever since that dancing banana filed that restraining order, I find that this little guy always cheers me up. And now, I'm off to watch the final table of the World Series of Poker.
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