September 27, 2004

258 Hits, 60 Wins. Since people keep bringing the subject up: while it's definitely pretty cool that Ichiro Suzuki is mounting a strong challenge to break George Sisler's 84-year-old record for hits in a season, the fact that my Mariners are closing out an incredibly hideous and hopeless season (their worst since their worst year ever, in 1983, and only two more losses away from matching their expansion year total) does take a lot away from my appreciation of the event.

I mean, not every record chase can be Maris/Mantle in 1961, but the team should at least has a chance for the playoffs at some point so that the record numbers are contributing to something, unlike this year's Mariners who opened the season 2-8 and have more or less matched that pace ever since. Well, at least the U.S.S. Mariner always finds something interesting about this lost season.
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