July 14, 2004

Who says there was no Edwards bounce? While much of the political discussion since Kerry picked Edwards as his running mate (at least depending on which paper you read) has been about the "small" or even non-existent bounce for the campaign, at least one New Jersey poll has shown a rather sizable rise in Kerry's popularity.

Yes, that's right, in the all-important Spanish Tavern Patron's Poll, Kerry has picked up over six points since last Tuesday and now leads Bush 52.4% to 47.6%. The Spanish Tavern is located in Mountainside on Route 22, about 20 miles away from Manhattan, and has been posting the results of its poll on its sign for at least a few weeks. (For what it's worth, the place was supposedly "a big Limbaugh advertiser.") Bush had been maintaining a steady four-to-six-point lead over Kerry for much of this time, but over the last couple of days Kerry has shot ahead.

Now, I'm not really sure about the methodology, and it's entirely possible that some kind of gathering of Kerry supporters took place there over the weekend, but if this is, as I suspect, a cumulative poll, this would indicate a huge shift of late. Unfortunately (for many reasons), the assignment I had which took me down Rt. 22 has ended, but I'll try to get Gerard (my friend who got me the job and who is still working there) to keep me updated).
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