July 06, 2004

I listened to the Kerry speech this morning on my way to work, and while I was pretty excited that he did the right thing and picked Edwards, didn't it seem a little odd to anybody else that Edwards wasn't there for the announcement? I mean, did he have a prior engagement or something where he just couldn't make it, like maybe a dentist's appointment, or perhaps he needed to catch up on his laundry before the heavy campaigning? It just seemed a little weird to me, plus it meant that I had to listen to Kerry speak for about 15 minutes straight, which is way too long. He has this thing where he seems to emphasize the first syllable in every word, which becomes a bit jarring, though I suppose I'll have to get used to it over the next four months.

And I imagine I could be collecting on quite a few bets right about now if I had bet people back in high school that a Van Halen tune would one day be used as the theme song for a presidential campaign.

Oh, and just in case he's planning to use the line again, technically you can't "rebuild new alliances."
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