July 19, 2004

Highlights/Lowlights of the Last Three Days.
My Trip with My Sister to Washington D.C.



  • The fire alarm in our hotel that went off at six in the morning, sending us all out into the street in our pajamas.
  • Getting stuck in rain-induced traffic in three different states on our way home.

Tonight's Improv Class

Highlight: A classmate's performance as the Purchasing Manager for Solo Party Cups, specifically her way of always wheeling around a pony keg wherever she went.

Lowlight: When I initiated a scene by grabbing my partner and throwing him to the ground in order to stay hidden from the police, yet actually injuring him, bringing the class to a grinding halt.

The Trip Home from Class

Highlight: Waiting to buy a pretzel while the vendor drew a map of Africa/Europe in order to show another customer the location of his home country of Morocco, and me actually knowing where it was without the map (though I think it was only because of an episode of Absolutely Fabulous).

Lowlight: Subsequently missing the Journal Square PATH train, almost certainly because I was showing off that I knew where Morocco was.

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