May 15, 2004

Warning: Even More Sports. Headed on over to Newark's own Riverfront Stadium with official FoD's Keith and Scott for the extremely rare privilege of getting to watch a 45-year-old future Hall-of-Famer play in an independent minor league game. Yes, Rickey Henderson is back in the Atlantic League, where he played last year for 56 games before signing with the Dodgers.

Well, it was a beautiful night and a horrible ballgame. The home team lost their third straight, 8-2, and the game was never in doubt. The man we came to see only reached base on a late walk, though we did get to see him steal a base (okay, he stole third base with two outs, which isn't really a great percentage play, but that's just Rickey being Rickey). Still, I figure as long as Rickey Henderson is till playing baseball it means I can't really be all that old, so it was worth us all heading on over to Newark to cheer the man on.
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