March 16, 2004

It Just Made Me So Damn Happy! I just On-Demanded (gosh, how I love my On-Demand) this past Sunday's episode of The Sopranos, and discovered what was perhaps the greatest hour of television in the long history of Jersey City's majestic Pulaski Skyway!

[As I'm sure you already knew, the Pulaski Skyway's single-greatest popular-culture moment was its mention in Orson Welles's War of the Worlds: "A heavy black fog hanging close to the earth... of extreme density, nature unknown. No sign of heat ray. Enemy now turns east, crossing Passaic River into the Jersey marshes. Another straddles the Pulaski Skyway. Evident objective is New York City." A New York Times article on the ensuing panic noted that "More than 100 calls were received at Maplewood police headquarters and during the excitement two families of motorists, residents of New York City, arrived at the station to inquire how they were to get back to their homes now that the Pulaski Skyway had been blown up."]

Not only did Tony bring his newly-sprung cousin Tony Blundetto to eat at the Skyway Diner (probably not a great idea, especially considering that back in season two Christopher was shot in the parking lot), but the episode closes with Tony taking a drive on the Skyway, stopping mid-span (also not particularly recommended), and flinging something over the side. Sweeeet!

Okay...I don't really have a lot else going on right now.
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